Episode 2

Published on:

4th Oct 2019

Take Action Podcast Episode #2 with Monte and Yura. Studio guest Corey Reyment

In episode two of Take Action podcast Corey Reyment from Fox Cities Home Buyers joined the podcast to talk to the boys about real estate investing, wholesale process, as well as his self employment, turning points to Take Action and of course anything else that comes up. If you have any questions for Corey, Monte or Yura please feel free to PM us or email them to takeactionpodcastmy@gmail.com.

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"District Four" by Kevin MacLeod (https://incompetech.com)

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About the Podcast

Take Action Podcast with Monte and Yura
For those needing motivation to Take Action in their lives!
Looking to get motivated or just need a push? This is the podcast for you. Monte and Yuri will be bringing on successful people with different viewpoints and backgrounds on how they became successful. Monte has a sports, coaching and business background and Yuri moved to the US from Belarus to Take Action for his life. Both men are very different but have the same drive to motivate, educate and entertain. Take a listen and hit us back with any feedback.

If we can inspire just one person to "take action" this podcast was worth it.

You can find us on Facebook here: @TakeActionMY

If you have any feedback us or questions for our Q&A Segment please email us takeactionpodcastMY@gmail.com.

About your hosts

Monte Reyment

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Host of Take Action Podcast, Licensed Realtor and Real Estate Investor, Senior Recruiting Specialist for Next College Student Athlete. Andy Reyment or as most call him "Monte", joined the real estate world during a long career as a college recruiting specialist. Monte has helped over 4700 high school student-athletes begin their recruiting journeys. During his time as a recruiting specialist he began to dabble in flipping houses and real estate investing and has since developed a passion for real estate.

Monte is a graduate of Pulaski High School and after going away for college to pursue track and field, football and a degree in coaching and almost a degree in business. He returned to his roots and settled down in Suamico, WI. He coached for several years at the high school and middle school levels before becoming a recruiting specialist. During his mid to late 20's he owned a bathroom remodeling company.

He is the current owner of Reymonte Properties, LLC, is still enjoying helping kids pursue their dreams of playing college sports, now he is embarking on his passion as a Real Estate Consultant and rookie podcaster. Monte specializes in seeing the best in people and pushing them to take action.

Yura Kalmychkov

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